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Villa Ara consists of two side-by-side and independent apartments called unit A and unit B. Each one has its own garden with a porch and a private pool. It is also present a wide internal parking. This is shared and not covered and has two parking spaces, one for each apartment.

villa ara unità A torre stelle
villa ara unità B torre stelle

The two apartments A and B differ only for the exteriors, while the internal are perfectly equal.

villa ara appartamento torre stelle

The apartment A has a bigger solar esposition and a beautiful sight on the village up to perceive the sea in distance. The apartment B has a bigger garden and a bigger shading, the sight on the surrounding hills and more privacy. In the two galleries we can see the external parts of the two apartments:

From the car park start the two entrances for the houses; crossing the green law garden with olive trees, a carob-tree and hedges, and, walking on tiled and paved sidewalks you arrive at the pool. This has an area of 24 square metres and a maximum depth of 140 centimetres, with access to water through a Roman stair and an iron stair. Moving on you get to the porch covered with reeds and wood of about 8 square metres, below which have lunch or dinner looking at a wide glimpse of Torre delle Stelle or at the surrounding hills, until to see the near beach of Cannesisa

Each house is accessible from the living room, with two separate entrances, and from it, through a hallway, you access  the bathroom and the bedroom. Each apartment has an inner surface of 41 square metres and it is realized with materials and dimensioning in order to have the maximum termal and acoustic insulation. It is all realized to garantee the maximum confort in every period of the year, from the 33 centimetres thick walls to the roof, isolated through solar panels and wooden fixtures with double gasket and double glazing. Further, each apartment is air conditioned with two heat pumps, one in the living room and one in the bedroom. The living room involves the kitchenette and a fireplace for an even more confortable environment , typical of Sardinian customs and traditions. 

villa ara soggiorno torre stelle

The emerald bathroom is one of the flagship of Villa Ara, because of its total equipment with bathroom fixtures GSI and bathroom fittings F.lli Frattini, the Brunelleschi tiled floor and Cerasarda ceramics coverings.

villa ara bagno torre stelle

The same Cerasarda ceramics , but in yellow, compose the kitchenette coverings in the living room and adorn the furniture with the blue sea square insert.

villa ara cucina torre stelle

Finally, the bedroom with double bed that, in case of need, can host another bed or a crib.

villa ara camera letto torre stelle
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